LIMINAL STUDIO | Peta Heffernan receives the Emerging Architect Prize

Posted 21 June 2013

The 2013 Tasmanian Architecture Awards was a night of recognition for Liminal. In addition to receiving the highest honours architecture award, Liminal’s Peta Heffernan received the Emerging Architect Prize – a Prize that recognises leadership, design excellence and contribution to the architectural profession and cultural community by an architect in the early stages of their career.

The full jury citation can be viewed here.

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LIMINAL SPACES | Peta Heffernan reflects on the recent agideas Forum as part of the designer line-up

Posted 21 June 2013

Peta was one of 40 global designers, one of two architects, invited to speak at the recent 2013 agIdeas International Design Forum at Melbourne’s Convention Centre.  Peta describes her participation throughout the week as an extraordinary experience, and recalls the moment of walking out on the vast stage and seeing a sea of faces – 2100 people to be exact - as one she will never forget!

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LIMINAL GRAPHICS | features in Desktop Magazine

Posted 24 May 2013

Liminal Graphics was invited by Desktop to create a psychogeographic map of Hobart. The concept of psychogeography was developed by French philosopher Guy Debord in 1955 and refers to the practice of traversing the urban environment while being led by curiosity rather than following a set traditional path.

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LIMINAL SPACES | The experiential installation ECHO Part 1 premieres

Posted 16 April 2013

The theatrical installation and soundscape, ECHO PART 1, is a Liminal Spaces collaboration with Constantine Koukias of IHOS, soundscape artist Jane Baker, Lighting Designer Jason James and live sound engineer Greg Gurr which premieres Wednesday 17 April - 21 April. A site specific experience - for 20 minutes, see the everyday through the shifted lens of dementia. For more information and tickets go to Salamanca Arts Centre website.

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LIMINAL SPACES | collaborates with IHOS to produce a new work

Posted 12 March 2013

ECHO Part 1 - A Neurological Soundscape is the beginning of a larger work that explores the inner world of dementia in an intimate setting. The collaboration with Constantine Koukias and Jane Baker, who brings the experience to life through sound, treats 24 audience members to an immersive, unique experience.

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