Freycinet Lodge Renewal


Design by Liminal Architecture, interiors by Liminal Spaces, furniture by Liminal Objects, photography by Dianna Snape.

The diverse character and sense of place experienced through wandering the Freycinet Lodge site is unique. We have drawn inspiration from this diversity and its cultural heritage to influence the architecture and interiors of the new accommodation – giving them distinctive identifiable and different personalities. The renewal project will present a breadth of accommodation options catering for a broader reach of visitors with different needs.  An architectural snapshot of what will be delivered as part of RACT Destinations' Freycinet Lodge Renewal project is described below.

Coastal Pavilions opened in March 2018:
The form and spatial relationships take their cue from the coastal granite rock formations that dominate the edge of the waterfront – responding to the smooth, rounded and beautiful forms. The Coastal Pavilions consist of a living pod and bed pod that form an embrace, reminiscent of Honeymoon Bay, protecting the outdoor deck and offering privacy to the outdoor bath.

The exterior protective shell is made of durable hardwood that is charred – referencing the significance of fire in the bush context, while also increasing the longevity of the timber and ensuring the Pavilions are visually discreet, providing a recessive backdrop to the natural vegetation and stunning, filtered water views.










Design by Liminal Architecture, interiors by Liminal Spaces, furniture by Liminal Objects, photography by Dianna Snape.

Hazards View Pavilions currently under construction:
The Pavilions are sited on the under-utilised tennis court and take advantage of the outlook to the Hazards. The presentation of the Pavilions on the public access side, offers a discreet and non-intrusive, small-scale form creating a black stained ‘hood’ enclosing the entry. The rest of the Pavilion is set back from the entry ‘hood’, allowing for landscaping to conceal most of the building.

As the guest moves through each Pavilion, the space opens up to reveal the unexpected views. Once in the living area the volume increases and the awe of the Hazards are revealed and brought into the space, with large glazed areas reaching up to frame the Hazards. The National Park bush setting and the impressive Hazards are celebrated in these Pavilions.

Deluxe Universal Access Suite currently under construction:
Positioned in the Lodge building, with its own entry adjacent the main entry, the Suite presents an experience of decadence while having the unique opportunity to enjoy both the Hazards Mountains and water views, within the privacy and comfort of the guest’s own room. Using the warmth of natural materials and plush finishes, the Suite will be a leading example of meeting universal access standards while creating a superior, hotel room environment that will be inviting for all to experience.

A new lift will also be installed in the Lodge building, providing universal access from the main entry to the existing dining and bar areas of the Lodge.

Also collaborating with us to deliver the project are EcoTas Ecology, CHMA Archaeology, Brett Woolcott Surveyors, JMG, Gandy and Roberts, Pitt and Sherry, Stehel Consulting, Howarth Fisher, Arup ESD, Ireneinc, artists Helene Weeding and Brigitte de Villiers with geologist Bill Cromer. 

RACT Destinations with the project team are continuing to work with key stakeholders, including the community and the Parks and Wildlife service, to ensure the redevelopment acknowledges community expectations.