Our People 

LIMINAL brings together creative thinkers, experienced managers, inventive designers and architecture leaders at the top of their game who are drawn to connect and share experiences, knowledge, ideas and passions.

Our diverse team is equipped with extraordinary talents leading to an energising, open-minded, collaborative environment that fulfills our belief that many minds make enlightened work. Overtime, we have developed a LIMINAL way of being that delivers beauty and the exceptional for our clients and communities. 


Dinner Party

Image: LIMINAL Spaces and Dancenorth collaboration, Communal Table. Image credit: Amber Haines.

We're always on the look out for that 'aha' moment. How often have you experienced those moments when engaged in a stimulating conversation at a dinner party? Ideas flow effortlessly, everyone is energised and it feels like, together, you could solve all the world's problems. In that moment, the details remain unknown but you all agree something remarkable has been sparked and will happen. 

Moments like these happen every day at LIMINAL.  

Meet the Team

Peta Heffernan Elvio Brianese Agatha Partyka Belen Chirivella Vina Candace Smith Ellen Kwek Guy Edwards Jeremy Holloway Jin Ong Martina Tempestini  Rui Shen Chong  Ziggy (Stardust).

LIMINAL Studio pooches Ziggy and Ernesto playing on The Reading Chairs
Image: Director of Wellbeing Ziggy and collaborator Ernesto test driving the LIMINAL Objects Reading Chair.
Image: Peter Whyte and LIMINAL Studio.

And just when we thought we couldn't push the boundaries of interdisciplinary work any further, we discovered the joy of cross-species collaboration. Motivated by squeaky toys and passing motorbikes, Ziggy our Director of Wellbeing embodies our Studio values of beauty perfectly. Together with collaborator Ernesto, they make a passionate contribution to team discussions.