LIMINAL Architecture | playtime!

Posted 24 November 2021

An A+ for spontaneous joy and adventure!

Together with our collaborators Inspiring Place, we’re celebrating the opening of the Dominic College K-2 outdoor nature play area.  

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LIMINAL Architecture Dominic College K-2 playground opens

LIMINAL SPACES | national shortlist

Posted 1 October 2021

More national recognition for LIMINAL Spaces and The Bleeding Tree! We’re celebrating being shortlisted for the 2021 IDEA (Interior Design Excellence Awards) in the Event category. 



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liminal spaces the bleeding tree idea 2021 shortlist

LIMINAL SPACES | in Artichoke Magazine

Posted 20 September 2021

LIMINAL Spaces has received the 2021 Premier Award for Australian Interior Design for The Bleeding Tree!

The September issue of Artichoke Magazine celebrates recognition for The Bleeding Tree and features all category winners. 


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The Bleeding Tree featured in 2021 Artichoke magazine