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LIMINAL Studio | Celebrates Creativity for National Reconciliation Week 2024

Posted 29 May 2024

Now More Than Ever.
At LIMINAL Studio we advocate a future journey of healing and reconciliation, honestly and respectfully recognising the past of our First Nations peoples, that sovereignty was never ceded and celebrate the contemporary creativity of the world’s oldest living culture.

NRW2024 Now More Than EverImage by: Gubbi Gubbi, Kabi Kabi and South Sea Islander artist Maggie Douglas and Carbon Creative.

Our connection with First Nations communities enables our strong commitment to creating social change and opportunities, creating engaged environments, drawing out narratives of place and connecting more deeply to Country.

Each Friday afternoon the Studio comes together to deep-dive into the world of creativity exploring and sharing some of the incredible processes and achievements of those who inspire us, anywhere on (or off) the planet. This Friday we deepen our knowledge and get inspired by Australia's leading Indigenous film makers.

You can do the same by following this link: Reconciliation Film Club

Connection and engagement. Justice and rights. Truer now than it has ever been in the past.