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LIMINAL ARCHITECTURE | Wins top Housing Architecture Award

Posted 30 June 2024

We are delighted to receive The Ray Heffernan Award for Residential Architecture | Multiple Housing at the 2024 Tasmanian Architecture Awards.

This recognition underscores the vital role architects play in the public and affordable housing conversation.

Jury's Citation

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LIMINAL Y2I Social Affordable Housing Street View 01

LIMINAL Y2I Social Affordable Housing Elevated Basketball

We thank the jury for recognising our Youth 2 Independence (Y2I) project as the recipient of the top housing award.

This award emphasises that architects are equipped to address some of society’s most pressing challenges, particularly in providing quality social and affordable housing. Thoughtfully designed, medium-density inner-city housing not only revitalises urban spaces but affirms that quality, affordable housing is a fundamental right.

The Y2I project provides much needed social housing for youths at risk underpinned by a supportive educational programme that cultivates sustainable, employable life-long skills.

LIMINAL Y2I Social Affordable Housing Communal Kitchen
Images: Natasha Mulhall Photography

All of us at LIMINAL are deeply touched to be associated with Ray Heffernan's legacy, reminding us that the environments we create today should endure and benefit future communities.

We thank Homes Tasmania for trusting us and involving us in the strategic visioning that contributed to making the project real. We also thank our architectural collaborators Maher Design and Taut Architects along with our dedicated subconsultants - our longstanding relationships ensure robust and optimal collaborative outcomes.

Congratulations to all the award nominees and winners, showcasing the breadth of quality architecture across all industries and sectors. We also congratulate and thank the team who made the Tasmanian Architecture Awards such a memorable event - the Australian Institute of Architects team, the Ground Matters organisers, the International Awards Committee, the sponsors and the curators.

Tas Architecture Awards Multi-residential Certificate

The Tasmanian Architecture Awards Jury:
Fred Ward RAIA (Chair)
Dr Pippa Dickson
Mark Strahan RAIA
Pippa Jensen RAIA
David Haseler RAIA


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