Posted 17 May 2017

Voting for the Australian Institute of Architect's People's Choice Prize 2017 is now open! Our University of Tasmania Executive Workplace Renewal project in the Interior Architecture category is in the running - like it? Vote for it!

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LIMINAL STUDIO | What role does, or can, art play in the identity of a community?

Posted 21 March 2017

Ten Days on the Island in collaboration with the University of Tasmania will be hosting The Art of Community Engagement – Hobart, a public forum bringing together those in practice, research, academia and members of the community to discuss not only current happenings in the wider arts and design fields, but also what could and should take place in Tasmania’s future.


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LIMINAL STUDIO | The Hedberg is official!

Posted 25 January 2017

As Principal Consultant, Liminal Architecture is thrilled the performing arts project is full steam ahead having officially commenced construction, and been graced the formal name, ‘The Hedberg’, previously known as The Creative Industries and Performing Arts Project, last week.

A live webcam of the progress on site can be viewed here.

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