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Posted 10 March 2023

'Women of Troy is a feat of theatrical brilliance, that displays the immense creative talent that we have on this island.'

Read the impressive review of LIMINAL Spaces' latest design collaboration, Women of Troy, 8 – 12 March 2023, Ten Days on the Island.



Women of Troy Ten Days on the Island Sarah Peirse as Hecuba
Image: Jesse Hunniford

Thanks to Matt Taylor of Dare Collective for the insightful review of Women of Troy – presented by Archipelago Productions and Ten Days on the Island in Association with the Theatre Royal. We are humbled by the generous comments, capturing the essence of the drivers behind our set design.

Women Of Troy
Archipelago Productions
Theatre Royal, Hobart

March 8th, 2023

‘Barrie Kosky, a world class opera director, and co-writer of this adaptation with Tom Wright, felt like an inspiration toward the operatic style set design, but this set was spectacular. A constantly evolving set, we began with the audience and actors being divided by a wire fence during the opening monologue. Not only did this serve as a physically impenetrable “fourth wall” but it established this instinctive divide between us; the audience or the privileged, and the disadvantaged or displaced.  Once this cage raised it was a liberation, a welcome that bestowed upon us no freedom at all; as a set of grey walls which angling inwards, transformed such a large space into a claustrophobic prison. Without spoiling the dynamics of this set, it continued to develop this claustrophobia until the moment it breaks free completely. However, this final transition, did little to free our characters, as like caged animals, they were susceptible to the pleasures of the apparent heroes of history, on display and preyed upon in a depiction of toxic masculinity.

By Matt Taylor, Dare Collective

See full review here

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Women of Troy Choral Cast
Image: Jesse Hunniford