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Posted 17 February 2023

The moment when a project reaches completion...

Natasha Mulhall photographing Woodbridge

We love project completion stage when a building, object or space comes to life through interaction with its inhabitants. And it means time to hang out with leaders in the discipline of photography including Natasha Mulhall, snapped here capturing the recently completed Woodbridge School Years 11 and 12 Development.

We're looking forward to sharing more images of Woodbridge soon!

Woodbridge School Exterior Natasha Mulhall
Image: Natasha Mulhall


Woodbridge School Interior Natasha Mulhall
Image: Natasha Mulhall

Read more about the project and LIMINAL Architecture's design approach to the  Years 11 and 12 Development here.

The project was made possible through the Department of Education, Children and Young People.