LIMINAL ARCHITECTURE | Archaeological excavation wrap up for 2015

Posted 18 December 2015

As the archaeological excavation wraps up for 2015, this week’s unveiling has revealed a cesspit at the rear of the Hedberg Garage, a myriad of bottle artefacts (c.1820s), mostly ginger beer bottles and the structural piles for the side walls to the Hedberg Garage (c.1920s). We are very much looking forward to further findings in the final stages of the archaeology occurring in early 2016.

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LIMINAL ARCHITECTURE | sneak preview of design for cultural project

Posted 16 October 2015

The metallic facade that envelopes the new building offers a shimmering backdrop to the Theatre Royal and Hedberg Garage, allowing the heritage of the site to be front and centre stage. The folded façade is a theatrical representation of curtains pulled to reveal the warmth and activity within.



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Liminal Architecture creative industries design preview

LIMINAL STUDIO | Peta Heffernan on National Architecture Awards Jury 2015

Posted 18 September 2015

We are delighted to acknowledge Peta Heffernan's invitation to be a jury member for this year's prestigious National Architecture Awards. Five architects are asked from around Australia to comprise the jury who then have the incredible task of selecting the best Australian architecture from all the State award winners for 2015.



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Peta Heffernan National Architecture Awards Jury

LIMINAL ARCHITECTURE | delivers new Howrah Primary Kindergarten

Posted 17 September 2015

We were humbled by the enthusiasm and praise we received from the school community at the opening of the Howrah Primary Kindergarten. We helped them unite Howrah Primary and Infant Schools on the one campus, while delivering effective learning environments tailored for early years.


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Liminal Architecture Howrah Primary Kindergarten Opening