LIMINAL STUDIO | opens artists' studio

Posted 1 July 2021

Celebrated printmakers Mandy Renard and Jonathan Partridge join LIMINAL in our artists' studio. 


Mandy Renard print Rewilding Dance
Image: Mandy Renard's Rewilding Dance, edition of 30, 100 x 109 cm.

The interdisciplinary nature of our Studio continues to expand and to now embrace an onsite artists' studio and works on paper. Mandy Renard and Jonathan Partridge are printmakers well known to and loved by many Tasmanians and those further afield.

They join us in the newly opened LIMINAL artitsts' studio as our inaugural artists in residence. But our relationship began long before we moved in together! We share an interest and connection to Tasmania’s natural environment, love of Tasmanian timbers and craftsmanship and even have a shared creative iconography. The endemic botanical species, Tasmanian fagus (Nothofagus gunnii) is featured in both Mandy’s prints and LIMINAL's The Magic Box.

Time spent on Tasmania’s East Coast has brought endless inspiration for both artists and LIMINAL and informed projects such as Mandy’s most recent exhibition Rewilding and aspects of the design for The Hedberg, Tasmania's newest cultural and creative arts development, designed by LIMINAL Architecture with WOHA.

Jonathan Partridge The Lovers
Image: Jonathan Partridge's The Lovers, edition of 15, 80 x 150cm 

Jonathan’s work speaks directly to the immersive experience nature and the Tasmanian wilderness offer. And the way landscapes - whether they be physical or emotional – are always changing and shifting – a quality LIMINAL connects to by name and process.

As well as enjoying all the perks of being located in New Town (great coffee and mountain views to name a few), Mandy and Jonathan are looking forward to making the studio their home, being part of LIMINAL’s monthly Creative Conversations sessions and to the collaborative atmosphere we all enjoy and contribute to at LIMINAL.

We look forward to sharing and spending our days and time with you both!

Both artists are represented by Handmark Gallery and you can read more about Mandy Renard here and Jonathan Partridge here