LIMINAL STUDIO | Published in latest issue of Monocle

Posted 22 February 2016

We are thrilled to be published in one of our favourite journals - Monocle. The latest is a special issue focusing on what makes Australia tick and why it’s on the way up.

Monocle's summary of the issue is here.


Liminal published in latest Monocle magazine

The issue covers Australian design, food, travel, politics, media, economics, manufacturing, livability and flags that while Australia is full of contradictions, it is an up and coming cultural and creative hotspot on the global stage. This is what we love about Monocle - it’s multidimensional, global perspective - a microcosm of everything that touches us in life!

Having featured Japan, Germany and Italy previously, Monocle’s issue on Australia is the first non-G7 nation to get the spotlight in such depth. We’re delighted to stand alongside our esteemed Australian colleagues.

Take a sneak peek at the latest issue here.