LIMINAL SPACES | creates an installation for Kelly's Gardens Curated Projects series

Posted 27 November 2012

Join us and the Salamanca Arts Centre for the opening of Kelly's Garden by Liminal Spaces in Kelly's Garden.

The installation will be opened by Seán Kelly at 5.30pm on Thursday 29 November 2012.

The conceptual ideas put the garden back into Kelly's Garden and comments on creating green spaces and places of refuge within the expanding urban landscape.

Liminal Spaces Kelly's Gardens Installation

To quote Sean Kelly, "Kelly’s Garden isn’t a garden. It’s a space of possibilities. Initially designed and functioning as a warehouse it is the result of the removal of all but the walls of this former identity... When invited to produce a project for Kelly’s Garden Liminal considered a range of options but settled on the notion of the garden itself as a point from which to proceed. Unsurprisingly perhaps the group was attracted to this dichotomy and focussed on foregrounding the nomenclature/function issue head on."

"As quoted by Liminal, Peter Timms, in his catalogue essay for The Shape of Air (Flat), discusses the Japanese word “ma”. It refers not just to spaces but to the way those spaces are activated by the objects that surround them. Ma suggests dynamic voids, filled absences.” The absent space in this installation attenuates still further the ‘synthetic’ nature of the installation. The installation also shares an allegiance with the desire to construct semblances of the ‘natural’ within urban spaces."

The exhibition continues until 4 January 2013. Opening hours are from 9.00am - 5.00pm weekdays.