LIMINAL ARCHITECTURE | provides comfort (and relief!) with a magic view at the top of Mt Wellington

Posted 30 August 2012

The new toilet facilities at the pinnacle by Liminal Architecture have been designed so the building nestles into the site allowing the natural rock formations and the surrounding landscape to be the dominate feature.

The horizontal form responds to the line of the horizon that defines the view beyond and reduces the vertical impact of the building. The material selection picks up on the surrounding tones of the rock formations and subdues the building. The glazed areas reveal impressive views from within. The site selection ensured the building’s silhouette cannot be seen when looking up at the Mountain’s iconic profile from the foothills and city.  

The ground concrete slab is heated to avoid the hydraulic services from freezing while storage tanks are concealed under the slab for rainwater harvesting and grey water treatment. The project’s fruition was a direct result of the collaboration with the Wellington Park Management Trust, the Hobart City Council, the engineering consultants and the builder.

Liminal Architecture Pinnacle Toilets 01

Liminal Architecture Pinnacle Toilets 02

Photography Peter Whyte