LIMINAL GRAPHICS | Works with GASP on the inaugural Art Project

Posted 22 January 2013

LIMINAL GRAPHICS collaborated with Pippa Dickson, CEO of GASP! (Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park) on the signage for their very first art project. 

The art piece, composed for the setting by Scottish artist Susan Philipsz, was a sound installation named The Waters Twine composed for the place. Speakers were placed on the two boardwalks and played intermittently. We were asked to design four interchangeable signs for the event, which had minimal impact on the structure of the walkway. The designs blends seamlessly with the colourful palings that make the park iconic.
Sarah Bayley of Liminal Graphics also headed down as a volunteer for the GASP event as part of MONA FOMA - there she helped to answer questions, point interested parties in the right direction, and polish up the signage!

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