LIMINAL STUDIO | Our collaborative ethos shared with Snøhetta

Posted 22 December 2017

The recent announcement of the finalists for the World Heritage-listed Interpretation Centre for the Cascades Female Factory has also revealed our collaborative relationship with the globally acclaimed Norwegian design and architecture studio, Snøhetta



 Liminal and Snøhetta Global Collaborations

It’s always refreshing to find collaborative partners who share similar values.

We have come together due to common ground sensibilities, recognising the importance of placemaking, people and process. Our design philosophies are aligned in the way we approach collaboration, the creative process and studio culture.

The Norwegian and Tasmanian connection also makes sense, as does Hobart and Oslo. Both cities are waterfront cities where the natural landscape is an important part of the character of place.

This further consolidates Liminal’s approach to actively seeking a culturally diverse make-up to our studio where we encourage global connections to Tasmania – globally connecting Tasmania to the rest of the world.