LIMINAL SPACES | Peta Heffernan reflects on the recent agideas Forum as part of the designer line-up

Posted 21 June 2013

Peta was one of 40 global designers, one of two architects, invited to speak at the recent 2013 agIdeas International Design Forum at Melbourne’s Convention Centre.  Peta describes her participation throughout the week as an extraordinary experience, and recalls the moment of walking out on the vast stage and seeing a sea of faces – 2100 people to be exact - as one she will never forget!

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Peta’s presentation focussed on creativity, the impact of an island place, serendipity, architecture, performance, curation and inspiration. She reflected on the broader cultural contribution we make as designers, the value of culture and creativity and how this positively impacts on our daily lives.

The impact of Peta’s experience was as broad as the range of speakers - workshopping with primary school kids and their incredible creative minds on design ideas and the value of design, along with invaluable exposure to such a large audience but also to the 39 other global speakers which has led to collaborative opportunities. The whole event infiltrates the broader community communicating why design matters. It's an incredible result when voices across the creative industries come together to celebrate design and creativity.

The Design Forum is the brainchild of Ken Cato and has been the leading annual cross disciplinary design forum for the last 23 years. The agIdeas International Design Forum is a three-day dose of insight, advice and inspiration from 40 leading design professionals spanning the globe and full spectrum of industry.

The speakers come from, and work in, a diverse selection of specialist areas within the design industry. There were fashion designers, choreographers, typographers, animators, illustrators, architects, curators and even Bondi Hipsters.