Posted 15 July 2011

There is a new force brewing in Tasmania's design community with the launch of a formal collaborative design venture – 'Liminal Studio' - to push design boundaries to a new threshold.

There is a new force brewing in Tasmania's design community with the launch of a formal collaborative design venture – 'Liminal Studio' - to push design boundaries to a new threshold.

Internationally recognised architecture firm Forward Brianese + Partners, award winning architect Peta Heffernan and graphic design talent Tracey Allen from Tracey Allen Graphic Design have come together to create a studio environment where it is recognised that the best outcomes are generated from the pooling of ideas of different disciplines without divide.

Liminal Studio is the first formalised multi-disciplinary design practice (architecture, spaces and graphics) of its type in Tasmania involving everything from public buildings, commercial developments, residences, interiors and objects, right through to brand and identity, websites, signage, print publication, exhibitions and performance events.

The Studio celebrated its launch in award-winning fashion taking out the top prize for public architecture, the Alan C Walker Award at last month's Australian Institute of Architects, Tasmanian Chapter Architecture Awards and Tracey Allen will take up the prestigious Arts Tasmania / Vitra Design Museum Fellowship with a trip to Europe next month.

Director, Peta Heffernan said the creation of the Studio had been a brainchild in the making of fellow director Elvio Brianese for the last 5 years before finally bringing it to fruition.

"The inspiration behind Liminal Studio was to extend the limits of design creativity and innovation through collective thought," said Ms Heffernan.

"As designers we are always looking at new cross-disciplinary concepts and ideas and how these collectively unite and work together for the best outcome. So, it made sense, that to really lead and innovate, and create new frontiers in design that we should also collaborate from a broader angle internally to drive new thinking".

"Our approach is open, transparent and intended to generate leading edge concepts and ideas," she said.

Fellow Director Tracey Allen agreed saying whilst realising the enormous benefits of combining creative talents, the degree of impact and creation in driving new concepts and outcomes has been surprising.

"Working collaboratively really elevates the level of thinking, intellect and exploration we contribute to each project and we have already started to see this extension and ingenuity," she said.

"It really is our own in-house 'design-tank' with no limits to unveil and explore what can be."

The results are already speaking for themselves with Liminal Studio orchestrating and designing an Australian-first in the Jordan River Learning Federation Project at the former Bridgewater High School.

Ms Heffernan said the complex and multi-faceted re-design and re-development involved assisting with changing perceptions of both students and the local community in how they approach learning and connect with public life.

"The Jordan River Learning Federation is pioneering the way our education system works by breaking down learning barriers and making the learning environment a focus for the whole community," she said.

"It is a delicate project where we needed to be sensitive but a the same time bold in providing a model that informally encouraged inclusion and connection. It was more than just good structure and design – it needed to motivate and instil pride and participation for the entire community."

Liminal Studio has re-shaped the approach, format and connectivity of the Jordan River Foundation learning environment via broad-ranging design including innovation within learning facilities, buildings, interiors, open space, branding and signage.

"It is revolutionary design and set to pave the way for future learning models and school infrastructure into the future," said Ms Heffernan.

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