LIMINAL SPACES | collaborates with esteemed Australian conceptual artist Greer Honeywill

Posted 18 June 2012

Greer Honeywill's solo exhibition IN-Grained: works in wood (exposed and disguised) 2003-2012 will be showing at the Carnegie Gallery from the 13 July - 12 August 2012.

The exhibition, curated by Peta Heffernan, has been designed so the architect and artist make comment on suburbia and explore shared ideas on private and public space while providing a uniquely experiential journey for the audience. The exhibition will include a major collaborative piece by Honeywill and Heffernan and on a smaller scale Honeywill collaborates with LA based composer and singer, Moira Smiley. Moira Smiley, April Guthrie and Abigail Nessen-Bengson of moira smiley & VOCO vocalise text from Honeywill’s archive of shopping lists. As part of Festival of the Voices, moira smiley & VOCO will perform live at the opening event for IN-Grained.

The NSW Government Architect and former State Architect of Tasmania, Peter Poulet will open the exhibition at the Carnegie Gallery, Hobart on 13 July 2012. The exhibition will be one of the final exhibitions to be housed in the Carnegie Gallery.

Read the essays written for the exhibition catalogue by Peta Heffernan and Peter Poulet.

IN-Grained_Dr Greer Honeywill_Elysium