Posted 30 January 2014

A snapshot of the first THINKtent sessions featured at the launch of the new season of Mona Market, MoMa…

The thought provoking Tent lead to different personalities contributing interesting musings.....We'll never get it perfect but keep striving to get it right…The brief: do something… If it hasn't got a backbone nobody cares about it in ethics…The heartbeat of an oyster...Have you sold out to get a grant?...Are you having a talk? Great I'll come and join you....Humans are worth about $12.80…It's all culture stupid…Sometimes you have to find your own audience… I was going to go the museum but I came here instead...

News - Liminal Spaces, THINKtent MoMa, 01

News - Liminal Spaces, THINKtent MoMa, 02

News - Liminal Spaces, THINKtent MoMa, 03

News - Liminal Spaces, THINKtent MoMa, 04

News - Liminal Spaces, THINKtent MoMa, 05

Liminal Studio, THINKtent, MoMa. Photos by Natasha Cica.

THINKtent will be in conversation again at MoMa on 1 February and 1 March from 12:00pm - 5:00pm. Check out MoMa website for the upcoming personalities featured.

THINKtent is the brainchild of Natasha Cica who collaborated with Liminal Spaces and artists/designers Simon Ancher, Penny Malone and Rachael Rose for the THINKtent travelling installation that debuted as part of the Ten Days on the Island festival 2013. The internal space encourages conversation and ideas.