muylatina (coming together)


Photography by Peter Whyte.

The collaboration with Vicki West and the pakana community pays homage to their age-old craft and proliferates this integral part of their culture, not simply as an artefact to be viewed from a distance, but a tangible and useable piece that has the potential to be an intimate part of everyday life. As a native parasitic plant, the Dodda vine is locally sourced, natural and renewable. The table suite is a culmination and celebration of local artisans, local culture and local resources.

The components of the furniture suite have been designed to maximise material efficiency. The dimensions of the table, the form of the legs, and the offcuts producing the stool have been designed so each sheet has only 3% wastage. The extremely durable and non-marking material ensures the look of the table is not compromised and extends its lifespan with the consequential long-term benefits of more efficient use of materials and energy. The paper-based nanotechnological material is classified as a non-hazardous material and is certified to be suitable for contact with foodstuffs and meets strict chemical emission limits.