LIMINAL STUDIO | What role does, or can, art play in the identity of a community?

Posted 21 March 2017

Ten Days on the Island in collaboration with the University of Tasmania will be hosting The Art of Community Engagement – Hobart, a public forum bringing together those in practice, research, academia and members of the community to discuss not only current happenings in the wider arts and design fields, but also what could and should take place in Tasmania’s future.


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LIMINAL STUDIO | The Hedberg is official!

Posted 25 January 2017

As Principal Consultant, Liminal Architecture is thrilled the performing arts project is full steam ahead having officially commenced construction, and been graced the formal name, ‘The Hedberg’, previously known as The Creative Industries and Performing Arts Project, last week.

A live webcam of the progress on site can be viewed here.

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LIMINAL STUDIO | Team Member Belen Chirivella Vina

Posted 21 December 2016

We welcome Belen as our most recent Liminal fresh from Spain! Having grown up in Europe, Belen is a seasoned traveller and has spent her last eight years since graduating from the Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Valencia, living and working in Spain, Poland and Malaysia.

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LIMINAL STUDIO | Team Member Ronja Scherer

Posted 20 December 2016

Ronja found her way to Liminal from Germany and commenced with us in April. A recent graduate of architecture from Technical University Braunschweig, Ronja is no stranger to Tasmania having lived here as an exchange student for 12 months in 2004-05. At that time she made friends for life and fell in love with the place, which is why we are fortunate to have her return to Tasmania and share Liminal’s aspirations.

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LIMINAL STUDIO | Team Member Rosalyn Bermudez

Posted 19 December 2016

Adding to our multi-cultural team, Rosalyn, who hails from the Philippines, came to Liminal in May after living in Zurich for the last four years, to pursue her architectural and design career with a studio that embraces a range of design disciplines and the arts.  

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LIMINAL ARCHITECTURE | Freycinet Lodge Renewal a step closer

Posted 18 December 2016

With a recent Development Application under our belt, we are delighted to be the architects for RACT’s Freycinet Lodge Renewal project. Within the existing footprint of the Lodge’s lease boundary, we are engaged to improve the current facilities and range of accommodation offerings through creating transformative, diverse experiences that play homage to such a beautiful and unique part of the world on the east coast of Tasmania.

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Liminal Architecture Freycinet Lodge Renewal Pod Feature

LIMINAL STUDIO | Team Member Chris O'Brien

Posted 15 December 2016

As we start to reflect on the year that's been, it's a great opportunity to share with you snapshots of our team members who have joined Liminal over the year - a series we’ll roll out within the final weeks of 2016.

First up, we have the pleasure of profiling Chris O’Brien who joined in March this year.

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